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How to Measure to choose your Size :)

We would like to help you making easier the choice of the size that will suit you better. In order to achieve it, we will need you to measure different parts of your body depending on the product you would like to purchase :) Remember they are approximate, and you will also have to decide if you like it to look tighter or maybe not to much but comfy, so the choice of the size may increase or decrase a size :)

Bust: Take the measurement at the fullest point of your bust. Make sure that the tape is not too tight.

Waist: Measure your waist at the narrowest portion just above your navel.

Hips: For your hip measurement, stand up straight and wrap the tape measure around the widest part of the hips.


What else do i need to know?

You will find a table on each product to help you finding your size, but please read also careful in the description as we do advice there if that concrete product maybe sizes a bit bigger or smaller to the media due to the material or fabric situation :)


Example of table

If you still doubt, do no hesitate to contact us by whatsapp to the +34 611 59 65 16 or email to dancelifeshoes@gmail.comΒ  :):)